Our Vision

We aim to offer small and medium businesses with a full service digital transformation consultancy, and help our customers be the best businesses they can be, by using the most efficient, affordable, yet cutting edge technologies and products.

What we can accomplish together

Technology impacts your business daily – how you do business, how you interact with customers, employees, suppliers and partners – all have an underlying element of technology inside. We can help you figure out the best way to incorporate new technologies into your business, and figure out in the long term how technological innovations can inspire your business to transform, innovate and lead, not just adjust or react…

CRM Innovation
How you interact with your customers used to be defined by your business, but today it is defined by your customers’ needs. Whether you have a CRM product in use in your business today, or if you are first venturing into this world, let us help you figure out the best way to innovate with CRM. There are innovative and effective ways to handle your marketing efforts, your lead development, your pre-sales and sales processes, your service and relationship with current or potentials customers. Innovation is about anticipating what your customers may need next, and we can help you get there.

Your business has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of business processes that are unique to you. Figuring out how to best streamline any process for most efficiency and speed is one thing. Innovating your processes and using the best tools and platforms to get it done is a whole different ball game. Let us help you reconfigure your BPs and implement management tools to help you transform the way you do business and how fast you react to changes – driven by the industry, the market, the technology, your team’s or customers’ needs or just your wild imagination…


העסק שלכם נותן שירות? מתמודדים עם אתגר טכנולוגי? טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית היא הכלי הנכון עבורכם

אחת השאלות ששמענו לא מעט מאז הקמנו את החברה, היא איפה טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית פוגשת ענפי שירות כמו ביטוח, תיווך נדל”ן או שירותי משפט ועריכת דין. תפקידו של שיבוש טכנולוגי התשובה שלנו תמיד תהיה “חפשו את השיבוש הטכנולוגי” או במונח המוכר יותר בעולמות הסארטאפ –  Disruption. בתעשיות רבות אנחנו רואים כיצד שיבוש טכנולוגי מחייב עסקים ותיקים

We’re a bpm’online partner – here’s why

We recently joined the bpm’online partners program as integrator. In this post, we explain how this platform is the perfect fit to our digital transformation perspective.
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How ERGDT was born, and what is digital transformation

Hi, we’re Ran and Michal, and as of a few days ago, we are ERGDT – ERG Digital Transformation. Here’s why we started the company and a little about digital transformation

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